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Cassette toilets – luxury on site

Dometic CT 3000 cassette toiletThe new cassette toilet with its high-grade scratch-resistant ceramic inlay is the result of decades of Dometic experience. In the USA, Dometic has been supplying toilets since the sixties, and the CT 3000 is the prime choice of leading manufacturers in the recreational vehicle original equipment sector.


CT 3000 series with ceramic inlay

  • Scratch-resistant ceramic inlay – New toilet bowl design with scratch-resistant ceramic inlay, stain-repellent and easy to clean. Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Space-saving seat – Innovative space-saving concept: 8 cm less depth than comparable products. More room in the bathroom.
  • 90° adjustable seat – The seat can be adjusted [ in 15° steps ] up to 90° in both directions. This gives more flexibility in confined spaces.
  • Locker door included in the set – Each CT 3000 is supplied with the SK5 locker door, which provides convenient access to the caddy tank.
  • New caddy tank – New caddy tank [ 19 l ] with telescopic handle and large, easy-running wheels for convenient transport to the disposal area. Pivoting spout facilitates tank discharge.
  • Control panel with level indicator – Everything under control: The indicator light warns you in good time before the tank level reaches the maximum level.
  • With or without flush water tank –  For vehicles without water supply the CTW 3110 toilet can be supplied with an integrated flush water tank. The tank has a capacity of 7 litres and is easy to fill.