New! Dometic CT4000

The elegant lightweight ceramic toilet for caravans and motorhomes

Dometic CT4000 ceramic cassette toilet Dometic Group presents the new flagship toilet for caravans and motorhomes: the Dometic CT4000 ceramic cassette toilet. The CT4000 is a facelift version of the well established CT3000 model family, which is now replaced with the new generation. Dometic’s engineers have added a total of 18 improved details.

For example, they optimised the slider to make it even easier to move and to use. The slider is recognisable at first sight by the silver colour. “It is the only visible indication that you are having the new CT4000,“ says Bernd Löher, Sales Manager RV OE and authorised signatory at Dometic, Siegen. “All the other improvements are details changed inside,” he explains referring to the optimised shape of the toilet bowl and the smooth curves and rounded corners of the cassette base unit, which facilitate cleaning. Moreover, the flushing performance was improved, and with it the flow rate. This was achieved by modifying the flush ring and, respectively, the water distribution.

The lid and seat of the new CT4000 are perfectly coordinated, which improves the locking function of the lid. However, it’s not only the consumers who benefit from the improvements on the CT4000, vehicle manufacturers, too, enjoy clear advantages when installing the new toilet. For example, they benefit from the optimised installation materials for the wall console. Moreover, the overall construction of the toilet was reinforced to provide enhanced seating comfort for users of all weights. The now completely revolving seat makes corner installations possible.

A new, passive ventilation system with a stronger air flow avoids unpleasant smells. Additionally, optimised gaskets were used on various spots of the toilet construction to facilitate cleaning and prevent leaks. The CT4000 is supplied with a waste holding tank that features a double-strut telescopic handle and a capacity of 19 litres, the largest available in the market. Matching SK 5 locker doors, covering the front of the waste holding tank, add the finishing touch to the product offer. Featuring a direct passive ventilation system, the SK5 locker doors and are prepared for the SOG toilet ventilation system.

At this year’s Caravan Salon Dometic introduces a new size of locker door, bringing the number of sizes to five, all available in various colours. Unlike competitor products, Dometic SK 5 locker doors are glued (rather than screwed) in place. This gives a tighter and more reliable seal and complements the CT4000 in an ideal manner. Dometic also offers practical and highly effective cleaner tablets for the waste holding tank. Ready for use with the new ceramic cassette toilet and specially designed for the needs of camping enthusiasts, Dometic PowerCare Tabs make cleaning a breeze and prevent odour formation.

The Dometic CT 4000 also received accolades from outside observers: the new toilet won the coveted Caravaning Design Award „Innovations for New Mobility“. The trophy rewards exemplary product design. It will be handed to Dometic Group during the fair. 
The CT4000 ceramic cassette toilet from Dometic is being fitted in many vehicles of the 2013 model generation. The product is also available in specialist stores.


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