Ceramic cassette toilet further optimised

CT 3000 facelift

Ceramic cassette toilet Dometic CT 3000 The CT 3000 success story goes on. More than 32,000 units of the ceramic cassette toilet have been built in so far. Just in time for the Caravan Salon trade show Dometic presents a facelift version of the popular toilet. Basically, what’s new is the modified dimensions of the ceramic bowl. It is deeper and steeper now, which makes it even more comfortable to use, while the basic dimensions remained the same. Additionally, the cassette shaft has been optimised for easier cleaning.

Background information – CT 3000 details

CT 3000 is a cassette toilette with an easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant toilet bowl, a ceramic inlay on a plastic base that reduces the overall weight and, at the same time, gives an extremely rigid construction, far superior to other revolving toilets.

The revolving part is the toilet seat. Due to this design feature the CT 3000 makes the best possible use of the available space – a unique benefit, especially in small bathrooms. Once the seat position has been defined, there’s usually no need for further adjustments, because the toilet is round and therefore never in the way. A smart and aesthetically pleasing solution, and a very hygienic one, too.

The removable waste holding tank, featuring transport-friendly wheels and a sturdy, double-strut telescopic handle, provides a capacity of 19 litres. A visual signal warns when the tank has been removed for disposal and the toilet cannot be used for a while. Complementary to the CT 3000 Dometic offers the SK 5 locker door. The special highlight about this combination is the patent-pending ventilation system integrated in the frame of the locker door.


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